6 Sustainable Spas To Relax In

Chiva Som in Hua Hin, Thailand

Chiva Som in Hua Hin, Thailand

Surrounded by spectacular scenery including white sand beaches and UNESCO-listed sites, are amazingly rejuvenating spas with a difference – they have all incorporated energy and waste regulating measures while growing their own organic produce to provide guests with guilt-free pampering. [Read more…]

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5 Invigorating Urban Retreats

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Delectably Green


Michelin-starred dining paired with sustainably sourced ingredients for indulgent yet guilt-free cuisine

Feast on some top-grade nosh in Michelin-starred restaurants that may also have found their way to the World’s Top 50 Restaurants list by San Pellegrino by virtue of their culinary excellence. Pair this with organic, locally and sustainably sourced ingredients for a truly winning combination of eco-friendly gourmet cuisine. [Read more…]

Spectacular Gourmet Thrills

Jules Verne - Grenadin de veau ri╠Çti, lC╠ºgumes de saison en blanquette, vrai jus (c) Pierre MonettaWhere dining is more about the complete experience. Kimberly Tan seeks out the most unique dining experiences in the world. [Read more…]